Started rereading Transformation last night--again. It's over 57k, and I really think my problem is that I am not getting any clues as to the ending. The next book? Sure! But not this one's ending. Which should, after all, be coming up in the next 10k of words.

So I'm rereading, because 57k is too much to just axe and start over with. And I'd really like to get it finished.

On the other hand, The Sixth Stone is going fine. Still getting ideas for that one. I really intended for the Hunt not to be in this one, but Nathaniel's already showed up. Oh well. :)

And I reread Fire and Water, and fixed a couple of mistakes, so now I can submit HD and F&W together. That will leave me with SYWTBAV to submit, and I was kind of waiting until I finished Transformation to do that. Still need a series title, though.

(Well, technically, I have Second Coming waiting in the wings, too, but I really need to revisit that one again.)

And, I got my edits back for Full Moon, turned in the cover and such, and this might be my quickest-published book ever, since it's supposed to be out this month.


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