It's 4 degrees F outside! With a -20 (and yes, that's minus 20) degree windchill. Joy!

This might not seem much of anything at all to some people, but that's cold to Ohio.

I realized last night that since I have to go to church right after work (meaning: I'm not stopping at home at all) on Christmas Eve, I really only have two days left to finish any Christmas presents I hope to get done.

The cool one for Dad that I am still waiting for one color of yarn for will have to wait. The idea I had for Mom's is a good idea, but she's getting something else now, and in reality, all I have to do is sew Ethan's Magician's cape (all cut out, sewing is a minor task, really) and finish Bekah's "wrap" that I decided to make her--she said she didn't need a scarf so I made this one wider than a scarf so she can use it as a wrap, which is over halfway done. I had every intention of weaving dishcloths, but my wrists aren't happy so I decided not to push the issue.

It would be nice to get finished with everything tonight. We'll see! It's definitely a possibility.


Jenny said…
Uh, who would consider that nothing at all? I don't think I want to know those people. :)
Jennifer said…
Well, NPR said some poor town in the USA had -60 degree windchill, so -20 would be practically balmy to those people. :)

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