I have a long list of things to do this weekend, and hopefully I'll get most of them either finished or started. Among that list are bears--for gift exchanges and/or a couple of gifts. I should get two finished this weekend, three if I'm really doing well.

The work gift exchange is getting a scarf; I intended to make a bear for them as well, but why not a scarf? I'll put in the red and purple one I made to match my shawl. That will work.

I'm rather liking the new look over here. I've put my computer CPU beside the bookcase on the desk instead of beside the desk, and my printer fit just fine over on the tall table. I have to hang up a painting, but that's not a big deal to do, and clean up a bit of clutter here and there, and then perhaps I can get started weaving and working on gifts.

And the blue cabinet might just stay in the living room; it doesn't look bad there, and once I get stuff on the shelves, I think it will be fine.


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