Oh, and dishcloths are in the dryer, I finished one scarf (Christmas present, and it's lovely) and the bear for work. The bear is cuter than I thought it would be. And I successfully sewed the head on my sewing machine! This is a big thing, since I've been hesitant to try it before now. Once I get the hang of sewing the foot pads on my machine, then the bears will be all machine-sewn. Considering a lot of these are for kids, that's not a bad thing at all.

The dishcloths are my first attempt at no fringe; fresh from the washer, they actually looked nice enough to sell, but we'll see how they look once they are out of the dryer. They did shrink a lot, but I expected that, since I used cotton rug warp for them. In fact, I bet they are ready to come out now, so maybe I will stop this post and go see, and take a picture. :)


They are okay. I need to turn the raw edge under one more time next time.

And, earlier, I walked downstairs to take a picture of the Christmas scarf when I saw the perfect picture on the couch.

Yes, he's asleep like that. Isn't he adorable?!?


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