*nods* Okay, this time I warped the big loom correctly. And--finally--I am weaving! I have a lot of leftover warp to use up.

I took a vacation day tomorrow, specifically to weave. My goal was to warp the big loom (already done), warp my knitter's loom, finish the dishtowels on my LeClerc loom, finish the Christmas tape on my tape loom, and finish the sample on Ester.

Once I'm done with those things, I have to warp the LeClerc loom for my Secret Christmas Present and warp Ester just because. I haven't decided what I'm going to make on Ester quite yet, but I'm not inclined to leave her undressed for long. :)

I will also warp the tape loom for Mabel's new leash.

The big loom is supposed to be placemats, but since I'm only getting 11" wide, I think I'll make bags instead. I am, however, getting a nice large shed, which is good. And everything seems to be working just fine. Which is also good.


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