Oh, and I'm probably jinxing myself, but I've never had a Jacob Lane book practically write itself so far. Hopefully that doesn't mean it's terrible. But right now, I'm at almost 13k (I had to cut a bit to fit in what I handwrote) and I know what happens next. And after that. And probably after that, too.

Considering I usually run about 40-45k on these, that means I should be about a quarter of the way done. Which feels right.


And, just in case you were wondering, I'm still enjoying Josephine. I actually got the wireless to work once just for fun, so maybe it was me after all. I'm still not planning to use it for wireless, though.

My only other issue are the fonts; I usually use Courier New, but it doesn't show up right on the screen. However, Verdana looks great, so I've been using that instead. It's not really a bit issue, because it's very easy to change the fonts for submission. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

I am still getting 7 hours of battery power. And the nice thing about the battery is that even over 4 days, it barely budged from full (I didn't write right around and after Christmas because I wanted to give myself a bit of a break) so standby time is exceptional as well. I continue to be impressed.


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