In the end, I made a scarf and a bear. If I don't count the time it took to find matching eyes, the bear took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to make. Total time, with searching through buttons and much cursing: two hours.

He is made from a 100% wool Limited sweater, kind of homespun looking and very easy to work with. His name is Jeremy. His ears are a bit large, but that's because I didn't turn them after sewing; I thought the fringy edges actually looked right.

His eyes are vintage ceramic striped beads, and his nose is a vintage jet or glass black bead. Arms and legs are jointed with vintage buttons. His scarf is from a fleece J. Jill sweater that was too short. I've already cut out pieces of the same fleece sweater for a bear.

Since he's a smaller bear, I sewed his head by hand instead of by machine.

The scarf is in the washer right now--if it turns out okay, I'll take a picture and post it, because it's a modified Sinclair tartan scarf (modified because I had to halve the actual pattern to make it fit as a scarf; the pattern I found is more for a blanket) and while I thought it looked terrible while weaving it, once I was finished I thought it looked quite nice. The edges were a bit wonky, though, so we'll see if it evens out in the washer.


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