Hey, Full Moon is currently #21 on the fantasy bestseller list! Impressive! :)

That is too cool.

I am staying home tonight. I could have gone to Bekah and Matt's apartment with everyone else, but that was a bit of a last minute thing and I really wanted to stay home and do what I already had planned to do.

So right now, I have pizza dough in the bread machine, and I've mixed up the initial batch of the bread from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book (which I don't have yet, but the recipe was on The Splendid Table's website.)

(Although my bread machine was squeaking an awful lot, so I stopped it and took the dough out. It wasn't too dry at all, hmm. My bread machine has been smelling a bit lately, even on the dough setting. I'll have to try cleaning the nasty out of the bottom and see if that helps.)

And my other goal for tonight is to get a lot written on The Sixth Stone. And that's about it!


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