Back when Fictionwise only had less than a thousand fantasy ebooks, I saw Budget Cuts and The Secret of Redemption make #1 and #2 on the fantasy bestseller list. (This was back in 2005.) I kind of stopped checking after that (it was on my list of 100 things to do/see before I die, after all) but now that there are over 2600 fantasy ebooks at Fictionwise, my only hope was that Full Moon, which was released yesterday (at Fictionwise, that is) was in the top 50.

Right at the moment, it's #46. I have no way of knowing if it's been any higher, because I forgot to check last night.

Am I happy with this? You betcha. Do I wish it would move up on that list? I'd love to be in the top 25, but hey. Top 100 is good for me, too, and I'm very happy at #46.

But I wouldn't complain if you decided to go buy a very reasonably priced copy, either. :)

(I have 14 books out! Yikes!)


Anja said…
I bought and read it already :)
I was good!
Jennifer said…
Thanks! :)

And it's #21 right now! I am very happy!

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