Finit, except for an epilogue, which I'll either write now or later. (Probably later, because my wrists are very unhappy. But I know what happens.*)

92,090 words.

74 days.

With an average of 1244 words per day, although as I said before, quite a bit of that was 4-6k or more days.

I am going to take a shower, get dressed, and head to the grocery store for my celebratory ice cream (and I need outside cat food too, so it's not just a single-thing trip.) (Decided against a sundae, since most hot chocolate sauce contains--you guessed it--high fructose corn syrup.)

And the books I ordered came, too! What perfect timing. :)


Edit, later: *wrote the Epilogue. I couldn't resist. Ending wordcount: 93,340.

Whew! I'm definitely done now.


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