Well, the only thing I bought from Burlington (with Dad going in on half the cost) was a square cast iron skillet marked with both WagnerWare and Griswold for $25. We thought it might be unusual enough to be collectible, but it turns out that the 'true' collectors don't collect these, because even though they were only produced during a 3-4 year period, they're not special enough. Oh well. It's a nice skillet nonetheless. :)

There was a lot of nice stuff there, but nothing that wanted to come home with me that badly. I counted Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines ($350-$395) and spinning wheels--one actually sold for $100, which was a great deal, but the others were more expensive. There were also a plethora of Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machines there as well.

The only thing I could have bought that I didn't buy was cotton velvet upholstery fabric--they had a lovely bunch of green, but I really couldn't decide if it would end up in my sewing room with the rest of my fabric, unused, or if I'd actually use it. It was $35/bolt and probably 72 inches wide. If they have it next month, I may buy it. We'll see.

So I came home, rearranged the freezer to fit more of Mom and Dad's stuff (their freezer is full; mine isn't--yet) and did more dishes. Now, I only have the racks for my dehydrator to wash, my dough bucket to wash, and my pizza stone. Once I dry the dishes I washed earlier, I will do those few things and be finished for the first time in (yes, really) months. (Or so it seems.)

I took pictures for auctions; I may just write them up later this week, since I'm in the process of warping my Ashford Loom at the moment. I have wheat bread rising, and I'm definitely taking out the garbage tonight. So at least I'll cross a few things off my list.

I have also begun to write Transformation again. I don't think it will take over my brain like Fire and Water did, but you never know! I reread it last week, and couldn't believe that I'd stopped at the spot I stopped. I'm not sure what I was thinking.


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