I'm sorry, but I can't help take this with a rather large cup pound of salt.

I had contemplated posting this as a friends-locked entry in LJ, but I seriously don't care who reads my opinion of this without ever spending the money to go through the course (which would never happen; yes, there are still bad feelings on that side. Not mine. Good riddance.)

I am so against slimy sales pitches. They go against my grain. They have no dignity.

This entire sales pitch has not one iota of dignity. I respect myself too much to ever do something like this.

And yes, I know she has multiple 'courses' out there. I went through one, way back when. Neither I nor my writing fit in with her ideals back then, either.

This smacks of desperation, in my mind. But then again, anything so blatantly sales-pitchy smacks of desperation to me. That's why I tend to stay far, far, far away from them.

Maybe I should write a rebuttal: "It's not the money, stupid, it's the story."



Unknown said…
You know, I never trust any webpage set up like that. Just the look makes me distrust it. Why do they all follow the same pattern? Presumably it works on some people.

On the other hand, I'd love to see the advertisement for the writing course you'd teach. :)
Jennifer said…
I'm glad it's not just me! I have no clue why they all look alike.

lol. Maybe I should write it up as an exercise. :)
JamiJo said…
It's a specific web-marketing style that a lot of groups that might otherwise be considered spammers capitalize on - for example check out birdtricks.com, which formats and reads almost the same (from a quick overview at least) with the only major difference being a) the subject and b) the quotes on the writing site are from people who I've actually interacted with online. It's entirely based on giving people the idea that they're being let in on a BIG SECRET (which increases their desire for the product being hawked), emphasizes results with personal quotes from folks who have gone through the process before ('if they can do it, so can I')... it goes along with Search Engine Optimization techniques. I also seriously think that the $47 price point has a specific reason behind it other than actual value.

If she's making money off it, more power to her, but I think it's a sign that she's not selling novels and looking for other ways to supplement her income.
Jennifer said…
Jami, thanks for the information! You're right--it does look a lot like the other one.

And I'd have to agree with you on the last part as well.

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