Gabriel picked up the spray bottle. "You realize that if we take her into custody, she'll find someone in the family to set her free. And Erialas will have to watch his back for the rest of eternity."

"I hope you don't think we should kill her," Lucas protested, but he saw Gabriel's point. They could hold her indefinitely, but then the vampires would be up in arms against the Council, treaty be damned.

"No, not us," Gabriel said. "But some things are better left to the--family to work out." He picked up the gloves. "If you have no objection, of course."

And this:

The other wolf shifted shape and pinned Erialas against the back of the car; out of the corner of his eye, Erialas saw his aunt raise a spray bottle full of garlic-infused olive oil.

"Oil takes longer to wash off," she'd said when he had asked.

Current wordcount: 89,327 words.

(You know, I actually saw garlic-infused olive oil at the grocery store the other day. How could I resist?)


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