Well, I didn't buy the loom. They ended up selling it and all the supplies together--I was really just interested in the supplies, which were many and varied and quite cool--but the whole kit and kaboodle went for $325.

Which was cheap, but I don't think the winners were ready to give up yet, so I let them have it. :)

That freed me from having to find room in my house for another loom before I sold it (the winner is planning to use it, so that's good too) and finding room for all of the supplies, too. Which were mostly pre-cut strips of fabric, really.

So that's good. I don't have a new loom in my house.

However, I bought stuff. Quite a bit of stuff, actually, including cast iron galore (and a couple of pieces I've always wanted, like a French roll pan.) I ended up with breadstick pans (mostly Griswold), an actual probably 8qt cast iron stockpot (WagnerWare), a #9 dutch oven (very old, but unmarked), a small #6 Griswold griddle, a large two-burner Griswold griddle, a Griswold deep fryer (looks like a saucepan), a Griswold plett pan (think pancakes), and probably something else I'm forgetting. Some of it will be resold, because I didn't pay more than $22.50 for any one item, and the least amount we paid per item was $6. Yikes! Dad came home with just as much or more cast iron than I did. The majority of the stuff there was marked, and in good condition.

I also bought a stovetop dryer (dehydrator), quite old, and a box full of wooden spoons and other utensils--including two 24-inch long wooden spoons! So now I can take my time with the larger spoons. :)

I found a folding oak rack for the craft shows--this is perfect to hang things on, and it folds and latches so it can be put out of the way quite easily.

I didn't buy the loom, but I bought the spinning wheel. It's small--a double drive, and completely intact. I'm not sure how old it is, but I'd guess somewhere in the mid-to-late 1800s. That was $70--since I saw one similar to it at Lawrenceburg for $495, I think I got a good deal. (I will have to post pictures tomorrow.)

Last but not least, I bought a pair of lace-up boots--I think they are riding boots, and very old. They are in great condition. Then, because no one else wanted to bid on them, I scored three more pairs of old boots--for $5. One pair are women's high-topped granny boots, and very old. The others look like men's boots, equally old. All are well worth the total price for all four pairs--$32.50.


Unknown said…
Wait a minute, didn't you say a couple of posts ago that your budget for the loom was $50?

I'm interested to see the spinning wheel, and what you're going to do with it. (Any progress on learning to spin?) I think I'm lucky that the one wheel I have has satisfied me (at least for now--I may eventually investigate a double-treadle) and I don't have the urge to get more, as that could get really expensive really quickly.
Jennifer said…
Yes, I did say that, didn't I? I bid way overbudget, yes. And I'm really not sad at all that I didn't get it.

I will post pics today.

I did try a bit, but I really think I need to watch someone first. Something I am doing isn't right, and I'm sure it's a stupid beginner mistake.

I almost think the smaller wheel would be best for me to keep; it's easily put out of the way and takes up much less room. But we'll see how it works once I get it going.

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