I realized last night/this morning when I had absolutely no idea where to go next in Transformation--well, I know where to go next, but there's no drama, no conflict, really--that it's a bit broken. And I'm going to have to cut quite a bit and rewrite quite a bit to fix it.

And it's all Bear's fault, by the way.

I think, honestly, that I could finish it as it stands, but I hate just pushing something to its ending. And I also think that (from what just recently happened in the storyline) I need to back up a bit and make the character (Bear) who is now Very Important a bit more important in the beginning, because now all I want to do is write about him. And since he's not a POV character, that's a bit difficult to manage.


I will be cutting. And revising. And hopefully in a few weeks, I'll have a better story. I'm going to let what I know percolate a bit before I cut anything, and probably reread what I do have, so I can get it right this time (I hope!)


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