I've been working in the kitchen today, and I've really gotten quite a bit done. Most of the dishes are finished--I have a couple left, and may still get to them tonight (if not tonight, then I will continue in the kitchen this week), but due to the wind, I did not get out to the garden today. There were/are things flying around everywhere, and I didn't want to get hit by something, like a branch!

I then moved things around in the entry room--since Cocoa's cage stuck out so badly into the pathway, I really wanted it against the wall, but I had to find a spot for my other typewriter desk. At work last week, I had an idea--I could put the typewriter desk where Mabel's crate was, put Mabel's crate where my little oak desk was, which would be against the radiator and help with heat overwinter, and put Cocoa's cage against the wall instead of sticking out.

It all worked, but then I had my little oak desk without a spot. After thinking about it a bit, I put the desk where the green-topped cabinet was against the wall, moved my kitchen table just a bit, turned my baking table sideways, and put the green-topped cabinet on the other side of my baking table. I then put the misplaced cookbook bookcase where it used to be, and had a spot for my stool anyway!

Voila. I know pictures would probably help with visualizations, but it really looks good and workable. And that also gives me more space to put produce and stuff (on top of the green-topped cabinet) instead of on my kitchen table or my baking table.

I am still working in both the kitchen and the entry room; I still have lots of stuff left from yesterday to put somewhere.

And I made Whole Wheat Honey Sunflower bread--so far it looks good; it's not quite ready yet. Hopefully it will taste yummy!

What I got done today really made me feel like I made a dent in what was bothering me, cleaning-wise. Of course, it really helped that the humidity and the temperature are way down at the moment. It's soooo nice outside right now.


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