I forgot to mention this, and since it's rather important, I thought I should.

Years ago, my grandma gave me a necklace for Christmas. It was a piece of amber with a bug in it; the coolest thing in the world, as far as I was concerned. Later on, I added a little citrine-or-topaz heart to it, and I wore it quite often throughout the years, because amber likes to be worn, after all, and it's really one of the few things that I still own that my grandma gave to me.

The last time I mentioned it on my blog was September of 2007, which is when I then set it aside somewhere and inexplicably lost it for an entire year. This doesn't usually happen to me, because I only have a handful of necklaces that I care about, and I don't just leave them places. But I have a bad habit of--if the chain irritates my neck on the way home from wherever, for example--sticking it in a safe place inside whatever purse I'm carrying at the time and then forgetting it is there.

Yesterday evening, as I hung up clothes and sorted through skirts (I still have too many, but that's another post for another day) I found my 'good' purse hanging forlornly on the empty coat rack where my sweaters and shirts that I wear over other shirts are hung. I wasn't really sure I still needed to keep this purse, because while I do like it, it's too small for normal use and it's green and brown, which really doesn't match any 'good' clothes I actually have. And I'd also found a 'good' black purse at the rummage sale last year anyway, so I figured I might as well set it aside in the maybe pile.

But I decided to clean it out first. There wasn't much inside the main compartment, just a receipt from the last time I used it--last September, actually--but inside the little change compartment was my amber necklace, held safe for a year and sparkling in the light as I picked it up again.

I've had it on for two days now, only taking it off at night, because, after all, it's a piece of my Luck that has been missing for a year now, and I--heck, we--need all the Luck we can get, don't we?

I think I'll be wearing it for a while.


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