There's an auction tomorrow--the one I mentioned a few posts back--and that means Sunday will be cleaning day, because I am just overwhelmed at the state of the kitchen at the moment.

Every time the house gets all humid, I feel like the stuff that isn't done, cleaning-wise, becomes all the more evident. I'm giving up a trip to the RenFaire to clean. Dammit.

So Sunday will be kitchen day. I really need to get rid of the rest of the tomatoes on my tables, and do something with the ones that are still good. I also need to finish the dishes. Since I'm not supposed to submerge my finger in water, this will be interesting. Yes, I know I could buy gloves. Right now, I've been using plastic bags and rubberbands.

And unless the loom goes for $50 tomorrow, I won't be buying it. I really don't have room to store it while I post it for sale. I really want to get my house cleaned instead, and that's what I should be working on anyway.

This finger thing makes everything all the more irritating. I'm so glad I'm not in the middle of writing a book, since it's really hard to type without using my middle finger.


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