Okay, as predicted, the boots don't fit my fat calves. Most boots don't, so I wasn't really surprised. (That's why I tend to buy men's shoes in the first place.) Size-wise, though, they are about a half size too large barefoot. So, in truth, if I could slim down my calves a bit, they would FIT.


I haven't tried on the other two yet. They are ankle boots, though, and if they fit me size-wise, they'll fit me fine. (The third pair is a definite no. They are way too small.)

Oh, and about the mowing--there ain't no way I'm going to mow my grass during 50+ mph winds since Ike is now here and will be here all afternoon/evening. So I'm off the hook!

I am enjoying the nice breeze through the house, though; I have quite a few windows open wide to catch the cross-breezes. So even if it's 80-some degrees outside, who cares?


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