Somehow, Transformation has well, transformed itself into a 42,640 word novel at the moment. A quick check tells me that back in June when I started writing Fire and Water, it was, well, I guess I didn't write that down. Anyway, I've written a lot this week without really trying. I know it was in the early 30k's when I started it again.

So You Want to be a Vampire was 72,388 words, so in truth, if I want to aim for about the same amount, I have about 30k left to write. I'm thinking it will be more like 65k, but we'll see; it may be longer. It all depends on how things work out.

And I have been writing a lot during the evenings, after 8pm is usually my writing time until I head up to bed around 9:30-10pm. This seems to work out pretty well, and I've been doing the dishes about every other day. I haven't gotten the loom warped the rest of the way, though; I'm trying to decide if I want to do my experiment two-scarves-at-the-same-time idea or not.

So if I finish Transformation by the end of October (and I'll be working on craft show stuff during that time as well) then I can still have November for my secret project if I still want to write it. That would mean I'm caught up again, and that means I can work on sequels for a while--the next Karen Montgomery story, the next Jacob Lane book, Scarecrows; if my latest royalty statement has anything to say about it, my books are selling quite well.

And that, of course, would bring me into next year, which sounds very good to me!


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