So I went out in the garden tonight, expecting to end up with another half bushel of tomatoes. Considering my baking table and my kitchen table are currently covered with tomatoes, this was not going to be a very good thing. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But I am most definitely swamped. And tomorrow's going to be 'clean off a table' night, I think.)

Luckily, I didn't pick that many at all. Maybe 1/8 of a bushel. So I can handle that. But I did pick more dried beans--and there are more coming! Lots more. I may just get more than a quart this year. (I should probably count them by pounds, not quarts, now that I think about it.) They still need to be shelled, so perhaps I'll get to that tomorrow too.

In writing news, Fire and Water is 76,664 words at the moment. Now, I started writing this on June 25th, which was 71 days ago. (I started having ideas about it on June 24th, but I wrote the first line on June 25th.) That means I've written about 1,080 words per day on average. However, quite a bit of that were a range of 4-6k days.

I'm almost to what I think is going to be the climax. I'm guessing by 80k I will have the climax. That gives me 20k to write it and wrap things up, and brings me right to where I thought I would be: 100k.

And it's not going to take me another month to finish this, either. I'm thinking two weeks. Tops.

Since this is the story that has eaten my brain of late, I haven't really gotten anything cleaned since vacation. So my current goal is to finish this as soon as I can, and then begin again on the cleaning/decluttering/organizing. And auctions.

After this, I really should finish Transformation. But after rereading Nightshades, I think I might be just about ready to rewrite that one, too. (That one will be a complete rewrite.) But Transformation first, I think.


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