On September 2, 2003, I rushed home from work to open the box that had come for me in the mail. It was an AlphaSmart Dana, my attempt at finding a portable writing device that I could use easily with my computer.

Five years later, I have written many, many, many novels on my Dana. Many, many notes to myself; many, many, many snippets, and my Dana has become the one piece of writing equipment that I cannot do without. There isn't a question that I would buy another one if this one ever dies. (So far she's still going strong! And I am only on my second battery!) It is that worth it to me.

If you have been considering buying a portable writing device, I can't recommend the AlphaSmart Dana more. I mean, five years! In countless situations/environments/places.

Millions of words! I don't even know how many novels I have written since 2003, but there have been quite a few. Sometimes, I can't believe it's been five whole years.


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