I actually feel as if I got something done today, even though I'm still not done with the dishes.

I cleaned the kitchen, including all tables, found places for my new cast iron, rearranged a bit more, played with Basil, swept, washed the rugs that can be washed and hung them out to dry (one's still a bit wet, so it will stay out overnight), and then moved into the entry room and the laundry room!

I cleaned out all the litterboxes, too! (Well, except for Cocoa's litterbox, but I just did that two days ago.) So everyone has fresh water, food, etc., etc., and can play on clean floors. Whew!

And I made a killer whole wheat pizza for supper. Mmmmmm. I'm not sure I'll go back to regular flour after this, let me tell you. I used my regular pizza crust recipe and just substituted whole wheat flour, but it turned out so nicely that I am really pleased! I also made peach crisp. Yum.

I went through all the toys that Mabel doesn't play with, kept some of the balls for the cats and a few of the squeaky ones, and put the rest in a bag for my coworker who has nine dogs. I also called her and asked her if she wanted the treats Mabel doesn't eat anymore--two whole containers of dog bones (I have found a variety of dog bones that she likes and also that doesn't affect her, er, digestion too much if you know what I mean) and she said yes, so those will be gone Monday.

I posted my spare bike on Craigslist, too, and sorted out four out of five things to post on ebay tomorrow afternoon/evening. (My goal was five, so we'll see if I can find something else.)

Right now, I'm sitting here with a kitten attacking my shorts, relaxing after a nice day's work.

Oh, and after doing one load of dishes, I took the bandaid off my finger (because I refuse to wash dishes with a bag around my hand anymore) and noticed that the cut portion of my fingernail was getting a bit loose. So after another load of dishes, it was loose enough to pull off--without any pain at all! It looks a bit weird right now, but I have the bandaid off and I'm not planning to put one back on. So I don't have to worry about it tearing off accidentally anymore. Yay!

(Okay, that might have been TMI. Oh well.)

Anyway, Mr. Basil is soooo jealous of the other cats who can leap onto chairs and such without a single hesitation. He tries, but his little legs are too short. We've developed a sort of code; if he meows to get up (on my lap, that is) and I put my hand down, he jumps on my hand and wraps his front paws around my wrist so I can lift him up. It's so cute.

(Aha, he finally fell asleep!)

On my list for tomorrow:

--Bake bread for next week (probably in the bread machine)*
--Process tomatoes/pick more from the garden and process them too
--Laundry (towels)
--Clean out fridge
--Take out garbage, using my utility cart thingy because now both garbage cans are full*
--If I have time, work in my bedroom.

I think that's enough. If I get what is starred done, I'll be happy.


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