Well, so far this morning, Mabel has puked on a rug (I'm pretending I don't have a dog right now in lieu of getting mind-blowingly angry) and I've dropped the container full of outside cat food.

Oh, and there's a mysterious... bloodstain? on my hallway window upstairs--and a smaller stain on the screen.

The window in question was closed last night. I almost hate to ask what exploded. And I'm not sure it happened last night, either, but since it's on both the window and the screen, that does make sense. But what is it?!

Oh, and guess what? Earlier this week (Tuesday) a coworker of mine offered me a bunny with a cage. Now, I have two bunnies already (they are outside bunnies, and at Mom and Dad's until I have cages here for them) but my sister had said she wanted a bunny too. So I told my coworker that I would take this bunny for my sister (I did talk to my sister first, of course.)

Well, it turns out that this bunny (a male brown Dutch) has never been outside, is litter trained, and is very calm. Since it's September already, and we're not sure he would be able to grow a winter coat at this late date, Cocoa is coming to live with me and my sister is taking one of my females. (Who still don't have names. I guess if we're going chocolate, maybe the one I keep should be Marshmallow. :)

So anyway, I figured I'd put the Taj Mahal (I am not kidding) of rabbit cages in my kitchen and move the little cabinet I have right inside the door. An easy place to store Mr. Cocoa until he can go outside, right? Well, the cage itself is 56 inches long with the attached bunny house, so it won't fit. I went to bed last night trying to figure out where to put it, and my subconscious obligingly informed me that I have an extra room in my house that I didn't know about before!

Which I don't, of course; my subconscious dearly want to find secret rooms everywhere if it possibly can.

So no ideas yet this morning, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I barely passed 86k last night before I fell asleep. So today's goal, of course, is 90k.


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