We went to see the Bodies Exhibit yesterday afternoon, since this is the last week (extended) and we hadn't gone yet. Our tickets were for 6pm, but at 5:15pm, the fire alarm went off, so we spent an interesting ten minutes or so milling around the front of the Union Terminal, waiting and waiting.

The website said to get there an hour early; this was not necessary. Union Terminal will also be getting a note from me (this is my reminder) asking why the entire building shuts down at 5pm when there are showings until 7pm. We arrived right around 5pm, and would have loved to eat supper there, since we were kind of stuck there. But everything closed at 5pm (except a small snack bar, where we had pudding and nachos, joy), including the gift shop! What's up with that?

The Exhibit itself was interesting. I'm not sure it was really worth the $23 ticket price, though. The best part, I think, was the blood vessels; they looked like coral and were very pretty. It was interesting overall, but not something I would go to twice.

They asked for people to turn off their cell phones, but I couldn't believe the number of people who ignored that rule and were talking on their cell phones en route through the displays. If you can't keep your cell phone off for an hour, then you have a problem! Sheesh.

Afterwards, we went (of course) to Pomodori's Pizza, where we usually end up, and I didn't get back home until after 10pm. So I'm a bit tired this morning, but I'll live.

And it never got cool last night at all; it's still hot, in fact. This does not bode well for today!


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