King Arthur Flour is having a sweepstakes--you can win a $1000 gift certificate! If I won, I would definitely have to have help spending it. I don't think I could spend $1000 there. (I love their flour, though; it's good stuff. And maybe you don't have to spend it all at once.)

Cocoa is fitting in just fine. I was on the House Rabbit Society website today--and it's very informative and useful. It's nice that he's litter trained already; when things calm down a bit more, we'll try some out-of-the-cage time. Right now, he's too new and too interesting to certain kitties and Mabel.

Their suggested fruits and vegetables are great! I have all these gone-to-seed broccoli plants out in the garden, and that's one of the recommended veggies, so that's cool. And guess who gets to eat my dandelion greens, too? :)

This week is gearing up to be kitchen week, which is fine; I am still doing dishes and going through tomatoes. I managed to get rid of about 16 tomatoes tonight by making chili for supper, which I haven't eaten yet, but it smells great and only took about 45 minutes total to make.

(Okay, I stopped this post halfway to eat--it was quite yummy, and I have enough to last me the rest of the week, too!)

It's supposed to get down to 52 tonight. YUM.


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