The power's out at work, and we were given the option of taking time off today or working at the office on Vine St., but since Mr. Basil had his vet appointment today, I decided just to take the day off. And I was glad that I did--the vet's office called this morning and they didn't have power either, so they did all their exams in the waiting room and I was able to take him early.

Basil came through with flying colors, so he's now in the process of meeting everyone else (under supervision, of course.) So far, the kittens themselves aren't all that pleased. Everyone else doesn't seem to care. Chloe seems actually happy.

So since I have a free day, I'm planning to clean up from the wind yesterday, mow the lawn, and work in the kitchen and entry rooms a bit more. I also have to see what is still good in the garden after all that wind.

It's so nice outside today!


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