Okay, I found a recipe for making recycled newspaper cat litter, which I intend to try. Mom and Dad have lots of extra newspaper, since they get the paper. I don't, but I get the free paper, so that will work too. (And there's my incentive to actually pick up the newspaper every week!)

Chloe Bella isn't feeling well. I think, perhaps, she either ate a bug that didn't agree with her, or else she snitched too much of Cocoa's grass that he eats. The cats have been stealing it since he came here. That could be the problem. I tried to get her to eat some pumpkin tonight to soothe her bowels (let's just say ewwwww) but I had to mix it with canned cat food to get her to eat it. So hopefully she'll be okay.

Transformation is going well; Bear sprung a surprise I didn't quite expect, but it's going well even then. Thank you, Bear. :)

The parade lasted until 7:30pm. Over one and a half hours, because they were late getting started. My sister Jessica and her friends parked at my house to go to the fair, because they got caught in the parade traffic. I warned her not to go that way, but she didn't listen!

And tonight--officially--I finished the dishes.


Unknown said…
Well, congratulations on finishing the dishes, but isn't that a lot like saying 'I finished the weeding' in June? :)

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