I harvested most of the rest of my potatoes tonight, including the blue potatoes. The entire harvest filled the potato side of my baking table's drawer, and I still have some to dig up. It was a bit difficult attempting to not use my middle finger of my right hand to dig in the dirt, but I managed.

And what dirt! Dark black, with very large worms throughout; perfect, perfect soil that smelled so good! It's no wonder my blackberries are going nuts; they are already rooting in the middle of the little garden. I should have plenty of them to start another berry patch somewhere else in the spring.

Potato-wise, there were a bunch of small potatoes. Some larger ones, mostly small, though. But that's ok; I can just as easily eat the small ones as I can eat the larger ones. I'm not complaining, because they grew just fine. I have the sandbox to harvest, and maybe one or two along the side. I am contemplating planting blackberries along the side of the house next year, because that way, if they do grow 10 feet tall, all I'd have to do is open a window to harvest them. ;)


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