I really didn't make a list of things to do this weekend. There are some things that are always on the list, like baking bread (and now that I fit my long griddle in my oven--yay!--I can see how well that will work as a baking surface) and making lunch for next week, but that sort of stuff can really happen tomorrow.

And I'll be posting auctions this weekend, too. I promise.

So I have five choices, cleaning-wise: green room/living room, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets/laundry room storage (again) to sort things to get rid of, dining room, cleaning off the front and side porches, or working in my bedroom/hallway. I'm really tempted to work in my bedroom/hallway, since my clothes are everywhere from the last time, but the other part of me thinks I should stay downstairs. And there's another part of me who thinks I should work out on the porches and get them done for the winter.

And then there's Basil, who thinks that I should play with him all day long without end, and when he gets tired, I have to be sitting down so he can sleep on my lap. Really. I do wonder where he sleeps at night, since he hasn't figured out the stairs yet. I'm thinking Mabel's crate, because he came from that direction this morning.

Speaking of Basil, here's Basil and Cameron the other evening. I'm titling this picture, "I want to eat your tail!"

This morning was a four cat morning, by the way. And it wasn't even very cold this morning! If Pooh would have joined us, I'm not sure where he would have fit. If all six decide to sleep with me this winter, I might have to get a larger bed.

So here's my list of sorts:

--Choose a room/area, and clean it, darn it! I rearranged/reorganized the shelves in the laundry room, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned out my utensil drawers, and now I'm working on the casserole cabinet. I also started sorting my clothes upstairs. I ended up going through junk mail, attempting (and not finishing) the rearranging of the green room, picking up in the living room and rearranging in there a bit as well, and making a large pile of stuff to auction/sell/etc. My bed is still covered with clothes, though, so put away clothes is at the top of the list for the rest of this evening. I'm still not done with the clothes, but I don't have much left to do. This afternoon/evening!
--Get rid of those tomatoes! I used them for turkey chili!
--See what needs to be picked/harvested in the garden/s (Back garden done, front garden yet.)
--Post auctions (aiming for 10)
--Clean out litterboxes
--Finish warping loom
--Work on dishtowel that I pretty much abandoned (I'm going to do this while Speaking of Faith is on.)
--Post HD (Sunday)
--Bake bread and make granola (Sunday) (I didn't make granola; I've decided that it's cool enough in the morning for oatmeal instead.)
--Lunches for next week (Sunday)

--Write Transformation (Saturday & Sunday) (Although I'm crossing this off now, I'll probably write more this evening.
--finish post for Plethora--I'm working on that now.


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