I just had a thought, while trying to figure out where to stick my comfy rocking chair so I can actually sit on it.

My kitchen table is an antique gateleg table. That means the seat at the end of the leaf is a bit difficult, because there's a leg there, right smack in the middle. Right now, I don't have a chair there at all, only one opposite my chair.

However, I have a nice two-person church pew. And wouldn't it look nice to have my nice two-person church pew as a 'bench' for extra seating in the kitchen? Not that I really need extra seating in the kitchen, but it makes sense; it'd be like a restaurant seat, after all. It would fit, too.

And I could put my comfy rocking chair in its place in the living room, and sit on it as I weave. Hmm.

I may have to think on this a bit.


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