My local NPR station went off the air (accidentally) yesterday sometime--the demolition of an old school building completely destroyed a transformer near their building.

I am suffering from NPR withdrawal.

Last night, I forgot about the outage, and went to bed as usual. This morning, thank goodness they have a notice on-air that they are down, because otherwise, I would have gone right back to bed. As it were, I snoozed my cell phone alarm for an hour before I finally got up.

This makes me think, though, that there really isn't anything else to listen to (there are two other NPR stations locally, but one is a classical station and I'm not sure what's on the other one nowadays, because a few years ago, all three stations switched around all their programming) so I can hear Morning Edition and All Things Considered, among other things. Sure, if I had a higher speed internet connection I could listen online, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon, and I mainly listen to the news stations in the car anyway.

I do listen a lot on the weekend as well, but this is an especially annoying outage, considering what's going on with the economy and such right now.

And of course, that makes me wonder what I would do if I didn't have them to listen to, or if they really did go off the air (it's also pledge week; they had an interrupted pledge week last week due to the power outages--I think they are cursed!) and that makes me glad I made a donation to become a member. I think it's worth the money, definitely.

I really missed the BBC this morning, though. :(


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