It's October next week.

Yikes! I keep looking around and wondering where the year went; it seemed to go by so fast this year. Maybe it zoomed by because I was actually busy, although this week's been pretty slow in the busy department.

October is (understandably, since it's the month of my birthday) my favorite month of the year, closely followed by November. Fall is my favorite season. I'd say I can't wait, but from how quickly time seems to be passing, it will be here before I know it.

I didn't hear the tractor pull much at all last night. Since I went to bed early (I'm still fighting off 1/4th of a cold) that is a good thing. I hope I don't hear it much at all tonight, either! I'm sure having the fans on does help; after all, all that white noise has to be good for something.

I really need to get going on the craft show stuff before it's crunch time.


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